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STL Sampler Pack

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STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack
STL Sampler Pack

The STL Sampler Pack contains a selection of STL files that you can try printing risk free without having to spend even a nickle!

Metal Core Collectibles files are all designed from the ground up with Resin-based 3D printing in mind. The Pack includes both Supported and Unsupported files. Although the supported files are the same as I use for producing my physical stock I simply cannot fully account for all the variables involved with different printers, resins, environmental factors and user practices. Some files will require that holes be carefully drilled using a Pin Vice or other small, manual drill, 'Pilot' marks are provided. When applicable parts will have small marks for where magnets can be installed to help with alignment.

PSA: If you've previously downloaded the STL Sampler Pack, you can simply redownload the updated Sampler Pack with your Original Download link!

Silverfish Recon Mech
The Silverfish is a very simple but highly functional mech. Designed to focus on speed and utility over raw combat potential. Its low cost and ease of piloting has made it favored by trainers for green pilots, allowing them to focus more on piloting and their situational awareness over combat. Many mercenaries have used the Silverfish to create some nasty custom variants with the use of advanced tech.
Notes: Weapon Magnetization

Recon Pack
KB "Kickback" - Medium Laser, Machine Gun x2
BH "Bee Hive" - Rocket Launcher[2] x2, Small Laser

Lightning Pack
QC "Quick Charge" - Light Particle Cannon with Capacitors x2
PK "Parti-Kill" - Particle Cannon, Extended Small Laser x2

Hermit Support Tank
While the Hermit’s 20-Tube Missile Launcher is an impressive weapon, it is still best suited to defensive engagements as it is also its Main weapon. When the enemy draws too close the Hermit will need to retreat to avoid being destroyed. It will use its rear Mounted Flamer to start fire to obscure and block its retreat.
Notes: Weapon Magnetization

Bombardment Pack
R1 - Missile Launcher[20], Flamer
R2 - Missile Launcher[15] x2

Siege Pack
R3 - Missile Launcher[15], Extended Large Laser
R4 - Cruise Missile Launcher

Ruffian Defense Tank
The Ruffian mounts a Large Laser and 15-Tube Missile Launcher as its main weapons, this lets it punch above its weight at a respectable range, so long as its Missile Ammunition lasts. The Missile Launcher also allows it to fire indirectly, often resulting in a bit of a surprise when faster opponents try to ambush the “vulnerable” Missile Launchers. A single Small Laser rounds out its armament.
Notes: Swappable Turrets(7/64"(~2.75mm) drill bit)

Defender Pack
R1 - Large Laser, Missile Launcher[15], Small Laser
R2 - Light Particle Cannon x3, Mine Layer x2

Barrage Pack
R3 - Light Flak Cannon 2x
R4 - Rotary Cannon, Medium Laser

Isakano Hauler
The Isakano Hauler is one of countless copycats of a basic design stretching back as far as the 20th century. Simplicity in design have lead to reliability found throughout the ages makes the Isakano a perfect example of why the design remains unchanged for so long.

Cargo Pack
Box 01, Box 02, Flatdeck 01

Utility Pack
Fluid Tanker, Ambulance, News Van

If you don't have a printer you may instead purchase physical prints of the Silverfish, Hermit, Ruffians and the Isakano.

By downloading this Sampler Pack you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE

Record Sheets, Alpha Strike Cards and Build Files were Produced in MegaMekLab

Line Art Produced by Metal Core Collectibles

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