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Why buy from Metal Core Collectibles?

With countless miniature producers cropping up in the world, what does Metal Core Collectibles bring to the table?

Designed from the ground up for Printing

A key feature of my miniatures comes from the fact that not only do I design the files, I also do a healthy amount of production myself. So, when I design a part or print file, I make sure it's about as rock-solid as I can get it, not just for you guys but for my own use as well. Some of these parts will be printed up to hundreds of times, so I work with them not just in terms of the overall visual aesthetic, but also how it will print right from the beginning.

Posing and Articulation

Part of my theory on what makes a good design is how "grounded" it is. A good portion of that comes from how it would "move" and ensuring its joints have as much of a realistic range of motion as possible is a big part of that. In particular this applies to the legs more than anything, as articulation is useless if you can't strike a good variety of poses! My minis have limits, but you won't find many other miniatures at this scale with the range of options that mine do stock, and I take pride in that fact.

The only thing not optional are the Options!

Even if you've barely looked around my shop, one thing you've probably noticed is that my miniatures have a lot of "option" parts, whether it's different weaponry, alternate head designs or something else! This means it's super easy to customize your miniature just for you, especially with older designs that I've added new parts and variants to since their initial release.



Many of our designs can also be easily magnetized, allowing you to swap variant parts on the fly. I primarily use 1/16" X 1/16" cylinder magnets like I sell here and in particular my smaller parts are designed around that size but any neodymium rare earth magnet of appropriate size(relative to the part) should work as well.Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and overtime I hope to release guides to aid in assembly/magnetization for my products.


Going even beyond the idea of a variety of optional parts for each design, I also aim to include cross-product compatibility wherever possible. Take for example the Oryx Defense Mech, which was recently released. It classifies as a Heavy Mech, just like the older Hammerhead. So while designing the Oryx, I used the same socket design/size as the Hammerhead. This means that although the Oryx only has 6 “stock” variants it also has access to almost all of the Hammerhead’s arms as well!

Part Packs

All of these optional parts and cross-compatibility wouldn’t mean nearly as much if you couldn’t get these parts separately without needing to buy an entire miniature to acquire them. With that in mind, I offer a line of products that I call “Part Packs”. Put simply, these are packs of optional parts, usually weapons pods and/or arms, that can be used to create different pre-existing variants or otherwise customise a miniature to your heart’s content. Although the offerings aren’t exhaustive, I aim to cover at the very least things like weapon and gear options for assorted designs, and I have even started working on packs specifically for this line such as the Drake Heavy Arm Pack. Although the Drake Heavy Arm is used to a small degree on the Oryx, the Part Packs will expand it well beyond how it was originally used on just the Oryx.

Custom Orders

Why have all these optional and cross compatible parts if you're not going to take full advantage of them? So, in addition to part packs, I also (sometimes) offer custom orders! The availability and extent of them vary, but they can allow you to get just exactly what you need. Whether it's just a custom combination of existing parts all the way up to custom designed parts and maybe even one day completely custom units! Actual availability and processing times will vary though. Luckily, I already have a handy page to explain Custom Orders in more detail.