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Custom Orders

-- Custom Order Status --
-- Closed --

When I design a product I always try to ensure I can offer a decent variety of different variants and parts to allow you guys to find the perfect design for your needs but in the end it would be almost impossible to account for everything. So to that end I will be offering a variety of different "grades" of Custom Ordering so that you guys can have the chance to get exactly what you're looking for. Whether it's as simple packing a different set of existing optional parts that otherwise wouldn't be available all the way up to doing a completely custom design from scratch. The four Grades will be as follows;

- Grade 4 - Part-picker
This simple option will allow you to pick from the already available parts to create a custom variant. This is the quickest and cheapest option available as it will not require any custom production but it is limited by the parts that are actually available at the time.

- Grade 3 - Part-Swapper
This grade includes the ability to have different weapons and potentially other equipment mounted to the design than is currently available. New weapons and/or equipment must be "mounted" in the same places as the "stock" design, for example this Grade would not compatible with added a turret mounted weapon to a unit that does not already have a turret weapon and so on. Due to the Design and Production required for the new parts such custom orders may take a week or more to complete.

- Grade 2 - Overhaul
This Grade allows for minor modifications to be made to the design beyond weapons and/or equipment such as adding and removing mounting options. This Grade also covers some minor modifications like a new turret design or the tweaking of the armor and similar elements. Sufficient changes may require upgrading to Grade 1. Due to the Design and Production required for the new parts such custom orders may take 2-3 weeks or more to complete.

- Grade 1 - Start Fresh
This Grade covers large projects, either completely new designs or extensive modifications to existing designs. At this point really the sky is the limit. As such, the Design and Production required for new designs and extensive modifications may take a Month or more to complete depending on the scope of the project.


If Custom Orders are Open and the desired Grade is available please contact me to start the process. It will always be on a first come first serve basis and I hold the right to refuse requests. Final Pricing will depend on the extent of the work required but I can offer a rough quote upfront based on the general scope of the project. I cannot accept any requests that require a deadline as I must give my priority to regular products, my actual day job and my personal life.