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Price Increases coming at the end of March

At the end of March I will be adjusting prices across most products in the shop. I won’t be changing (at this time) are the STL packs, I’m currently happy with their pricing and currently only plan to adjust their prices when adding new content to them.

I know it’s not something anyone wants to see, but let's be honest, the world has been pretty crazy and, aside from tweaking the Mech prices a bit to account for the larger amount of labor due to part counts. I’ve been running the same pricing structure since opening the shop almost 4 years ago and in order to keep providing new designs and regular restocks, occasional price adjustments are just a necessity. It shouldn’t be anything too drastic overall, some products may shift a bit more to account for labor. Sometimes you can only appreciate how much work something is when you realize you are dreading having to restock it months after the initial production run!

I’ll have a list ready of the price changes at some point after the Tarmac King is released but I just wanted to broach the subject ahead of time.

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