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Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs

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Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs
Oxen and Omniscience STL Packs

Oxen Heavy Hauler
The forty-ton Oxen Heavy Hauler is a ubiquitous industrial grade heavy-duty transport vehicle that has been in production for centuries and has evolved considerably during that time, though little has changed externally. First introduced with an internal combustion engine, it is now more commonly powered by a fusion powerplant. Capable of towing a trailer that weighs as much as the vehicle itself, the Oxen has proven to be a remarkably dependable workhorse on most colonized worlds. Though relatively lightly armored, the Oxen is built tougher than many armored personnel carriers, allowing it to survive even direct hits from missiles and even light-to-medium autocannons.

Omniscience Command Vehicle
The Omniscience Command Vehicle is a descendent of the Oxen Heavy Hauler. The combination of the Omniscience’s tractor and trailer is a massive eighty tons, but this behemoth of a militarized lorry has proven itself time and again. In addition to being capable of coordinating a battalion of troops in combat, the Omniscience is designed to feed those troops during extended deployments. Some variants are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic warfare suites and even an anti-missile system. In addition to being heavily armored, this mobile command center carries enough firepower to defend itself against light attack, though it is generally considered vulnerable if left without heavily armed escort.

Metal Core Collectibles files are all designed from the ground up with Resin-based 3D printing in mind. The Pack includes both Supported and Unsupported files. Although the supported files are the same as I use for producing my physical stock I simply cannot fully account for all the variables involved with different printers, resins, environmental factors and user practices. Some files will require that holes be carefully drilled using a Pin Vice or other small, manual drill, 'Pilot' marks are provided. When applicable parts will have small marks for where magnets can be installed to help with alignment.

Each of these packs maybe purchased individually, alternatively the "Full Pack" will always contain All Available files. In addition the Full Packs will also be updated in the event that additional variants are added to the Oryx in the future. If you've already purchased, for example, a 'Oxen STL Hauler Pack' and wish to Purchase the Full pack, see the Terms and Services on STLs for information on how to Upgrade at a discount.

Full Pack
All available Variants are included in the Full Pack.

Hauler Pack
ICE Tractor
Box Trailer
Flatdeck Trailer

Logistics Pack
Fusion Tractor
Fluid Tanker Trailer
Salvage Trailer

Omniscience Pack
Omniscience Tractor
Omniscience Command Trailer

Notes All the Tractors will require a 1/16"(~1.6mm) hole to be drilled into the Hull to fit the peg found on the trailers. The Omniscience Trailer will require a 7/64"(~2.75mm) hole drilled to for the pegs on the small turret mounts.

Also Available as a Physical Product for those without 3D Printers!

By downloading this Sampler Pack you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE

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