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Drake Arm STL Packs

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Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs
Drake Arm STL Packs

Initially used on the Oryx, the Drake Pattern Arms have been repackaged into a modular arm assembly known for it's high rate of compatibility has made it popular among Technicians that have run out of the right parts and need to settle for something less orthodox.

The Main Drake Arm set contains a pair of arms with Left/Right Asymmetric parts. The Drake Arm is capable of being magnetized and is compatible with both the Hammerhead and Oryx mechs.

Metal Core Collectibles files are all designed from the ground up with Resin-based 3D printing in mind. The Pack includes both Supported and Unsupported files. Although the supported files are the same as I use for producing my physical stock I simply cannot fully account for all the variables involved with different printers, resins, environmental factors and user practices. Some files will require that holes be carefully drilled using a Pin Vice or other small, manual drill, 'Pilot' marks are provided. When applicable parts will have small marks for where magnets can be installed to help with alignment.

Each of these packs maybe purchased individually, alternatively the "Full Pack" will always contain All Available files. In addition the Full Packs will also be updated in the event that additional variants are added to the Sprinter in the future. If you've already purchased, for example, a 'Streaker STL Battle Pack' and wish to Purchase the Full pack, see the Terms and Services on STLs for information on how to Upgrade at a discount.

Full Pack
The Base Drake Arm and all available Weapon Mounts in included in the Full Pack

Drake Arm Pack
Shoulder, Bicep, Forearm, Open and Closed Manipulators, each capable of building a Right or Left arm.

Energy Mounts 01
Particle Cannon(Bottom Mount)
Large Laser (Front Mount, replaces Manipulator)
Twin Flamers (Left or Right Side Mount)
Twin Medium Laser (Left or Right Side Mount)

Notes The Drake Arm will require both a 7/64"(~2.75mm) Bicep hole to be drilled into the shoulder and a Wrist Hole to be drilled into the Forearm for use of the manipulators for assembly and posing.

Also Available as a Physical Product for those without 3D Printers!

By downloading this Sampler Pack you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE

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