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Albatross STL Pack

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Albatross STL Pack
Albatross STL Pack
Albatross STL Pack
Albatross STL Pack
Albatross STL Pack

The original intent of the Albatross Light Attack VTOL was that of an inexpensive, lightweight, fast patrol and recon vehicle. It was armed with a potent and trustworthy particle cannon. Advances in weapons and electronics warfare technology directly impacted the Albatross, which quickly incorporated these advances into better variants of the craft. Over time the Albatross has evolved from a simple machine for militia forces into a true weapon of war.

Metal Core Collectibles files are all designed from the ground up with Resin-based 3D printing in mind. The Pack includes both Supported and Unsupported files. Although the supported files are the same as I use for producing my physical stock I simply cannot fully account for all the variables involved with different printers, resins, environmental factors and user practices. Some files will require that holes be carefully drilled using a Pin Vice or other small, manual drill, 'Pilot' marks are provided. When applicable parts will have small marks for where magnets can be installed to help with alignment.

Full Pack
All available Variants are included in the Full Pack;
BC1 - Medium Pulsing Lasers x2
BC2 - Extended Medium Lasers x2, TAG
D1 - Particle Cannon
D2 - Medium Pulsing Lasers x2
D3 - Medium Lasers x3, TAG
K1 - Light Particle Cannons x2, TAG
X2 - Large Laser

Notes The Albatross will require a hole to be drilled in order to mount it to a stand, the size of the hole will depend on the stand you select.

Also Available as a Physical Product for those without 3D Printers!

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