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New Release! Marathon Medium Tank!

Michael Szita

This took longer than I had initially planned but life can be harsh like that, regardless it's finally available! Like a "big brother" of sorts to the Sprinter, the Marathon shares many designs element with it. That said the turret is a fresh design and features some new weapon options not available to the smaller Sprinter.

The Marathon releases with 8 Variants, each of which features a unique set of weapon options in the turret and further augmented with 4 different options for the Hull add-on and the some variants even have Bulldozer Blades!

As an added bonus I'm offering a special discount for this New Release, if you pair up to any 3 Marathon and Sprinter Variants in your shopping cart and use discount code "BigBro2019" at checkout you'll get the Sprinters for 50% off! This offer is good once per customer and while supplies last. Offer Expires July 17th 2019.

Alongside this new release I've added a new picture of a Painted K1 Variant Kodiak and even did a bit of restocking for the couple of variants that have sold well so far!

So check out the Marathon, Sprinter and Kodiak and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments!

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