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New Release! Hammerhead Heavy Mech!

Michael Szita

I know a lot of you have probably been waiting on me to re-release my Mechs and today the first one is Releasing! The Hammerhead Heavy Mech is a premier Fire-support Mech, featuring a wide range of weapon options supported by a solid core of secondary weapons as well. Last but not least all this firepower is useless if it's not where you need it to be so the Hammerhead also features Jump Jets on most of its variants. 

As for the Miniature itself, it has a few things going for it that will probably surprise you!

Firstly, if you've never ordered one of my Mechs from Shapeways previously you might not expect it to have the sheer amount of articulation that it does, it has 11 joints to provide a wide range of movement, in particular the Shoulders, Hips and Ankles are all ball-and-socket type joints that give you the freedom to make that perfect pose.

During the revamping process I even managed to increase the range of motion in the knee joint by a combined 20°! Also included in every kit is a 3rd foot, featuring curled toes, perfect for showing the Hammerhead mid-stride or crushing the opposition underfoot.

Even the Jump Jet have posing options, with a range of 75°!

Secondly, all of my Mech kits will include 2 magnets to be used in the Torso/Hip connection point but on top of that the kit is designed for additional magnets to be easily installed to make the options easily interchangeable. 8 additional 1/16" X 1/16" cylinder Magnets will allow you to magnetize both arms, the Nose and Back/Shoulders. I plan to work on a more in-depth guide but I included small "pilot" marks for where to install the magnets, and of course if you have any questions feel free to let me know!

One last thing, I'm hoping by the end of September to start taking Grade 4 Custom Orders, for which I've already set aside some Hammerheads and I hope to have 2-3 other units available as well, so if none of the stock variants suit your needs you will soon be able to "build your own" Hammerhead!

To finish things off I would just like to thank you guys for your patience so far, I know it's taken me quite awhile to get things back on track and it might still be some time before I have time to tackle another mech in between new designs and re-working the remaining vehicles in the backlog but It really feels like I starting to make a real dent in all that so hopefully you guys will continue to stick with me!

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