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ULTRAS RCK Prototypes

Regular price $20.00
ULTRAS RCK Prototypes

Originally given away at AdeptiCon 2024 the remaining Prototypes are now available for purchase until I finish up the full release. There may be some changes between this prototype release and the final release.

Prototype Pack

This is a ULTRAS RCK Hero Mech kit with 30 or more individual parts and 2 Magnets that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3d Printing and support removal process.

The ULTRAS RCK kit comes with two magnets for the torso but it also has small marks on many of the assorted parts to guide you where additional magnets(1/16th x 1/16th cylinders) can be installed to allow for additional articulation(Arms and Hands) or for swapping out parts for different options(Torso plug) on the fly or as the mech takes damage!

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