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Hammerhead Heavy Mech

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Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech
Hammerhead Heavy Mech

The original Hammerhead combines solid long range firepower with mobility and excellent armor protection to create an excellent support platform. While the Hammerhead was developed as a direct fire support unit, it has seen extensive use as a relatively rapid deployment sniper unit. Numerous additional variants taking advantage of different weapons have been introduced since the original version was introduced with its long range particle cannons. These alternate variants allow the Hammerhead to fulfill different roles on the battlefield.


BattleCorps Pack
BC1 - Particle Cannon x2, Medium Laser x4, Small Laser x2
BC2 - Missile Launcher[15] x2, Medium Laser x4, Flamer x2
AIVA - Cruise Missile Launcher With Cover, Medium Laser x4

Hammer Pack - D1/M2/S2
D1 - Medium Flak Cannon x2, Medium Laser x4, Small Laser x2
M2 - Light Gauss Rifle x2, Medium Laser x4, Flamer x2
S2 - Large Laser x2, Medium Laser x4, Small Laser x2

Barrage Pack - D2/M1/R2
D2 - Missile Launcher[20] x2, Medium Laser x4, Small Laser x2
M1 - Gauss Rifle, Large Laser, Medium Laser x4, Flamer x2
R2 - Rocket Launcher[6] x2, Missile Launcher[10] x2, Medium Laser x2

Broadside Pack -  S1A/R4/AIV
S1A - Medium Laser x12, Small Laser x2
R4 - Micro Missile Launcher[20] x2, Medium Laser x4
AIV - Cruise Missile Launcher, Medium Laser x2, Flamer x2

Flexible Pack - S6/R1/R3-R3L
S6 - Medium Rotary Cannon, Light Particle Cannon x2 Rocket Launcher[6], Small Laser

R1 - Rocket Launcher[6] x2, Large Laser, Medium Laser x2
R3 - Extended Medium Laser x4, Ballistic Anti Missile System x2
R3L - Medium Laser x4, Laser Anti Missile System x2

Now Available are a number of Hammerhead Part Packs if you want a bit more flexibility for your Hammerhead(s) than offered by a single variant!

Also Available as STL Packs for those with their own 3D Printers!

This is a Hammerhead Heavy Mech kit with 13 individual parts and 2 Magnets that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3d Printing and support removal process.

The Hammerhead kits comes with two magnets for the torso but it also has small marks of many of the assorted parts to guide you where additional magnets(1/16th x 1/16th cylinders) can be installed to allow for additional articulation(Arms) or for swapping out parts for different options(Nose and Back plugs) on the fly or as the mech takes damage!

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