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Gila Garrison Tank

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Gila Garrison Tank
Gila Garrison Tank
Gila Garrison Tank
Gila Garrison Tank
Gila Garrison Tank

The original manufacturer for the Gila has been lost to time, yet its simplicity and low cost to produce had led to countless copycat products, primarily from smaller, less well known manufacturers. The Gila itself is fairly basic, modest at best by all accounts the Gila only proves a major threat in large numbers where they prove simply too numerous to take out quickly enough to prevent them from doing notable damage.


Defender Pack
CAN - Cannon, Machine Gun
RKT - Rocket Launcher[6] x2, Machine Gun
Aggressor Pack
LSR - Medium Lasers x2, Machine Gun
LCN - Extra Light Cannons x2, Machine Gun
Support Pack
MSL - Missile Launchers [10], Missile Launcher[5]
EWS - Rocket Launcher[4], Machine Gun x2, TAG, ECM

Also Available as STL Packs for those with their own 3D Printers!

This is a Gila Garrison Tank kit with 5 individual parts that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3d Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3d Printing and support removal process.

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