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Streaker Part Packs

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Streaker Part Packs
Streaker Part Packs
Streaker Part Packs
Streaker Part Packs
Streaker Part Packs

For those Technicians that truly believe that that variety is the spice of life love to keep extra parts for their Streaker Recon Buggies these Parts Packs are exactly what they're looking for! The Part Packs currently come in several options, two packs each with 4 unique turrets.

These Part Packs are assembled from the assorted Streaker Recon Buggy variant parts and are thus compatible with it.

Turret Set 01
- Rocket Launcher[6]
- Medium Laser x3, TAG
- Large Laser
- Flamer x3

Turret Set 02
- Rocket Launcher[4], Small Laser x2
- Rocket Launcher[2], TAG
- Light Particle Cannon
- Medium Laser, Sensor Suite

Turret Set 03
- Rocket Launcher[4], Medium Laser
- Rocket Launcher[4], TAG
Missile Launcher[5]
- Medium Laser x2, Small Lasers x4

Turret Bed Pack
- Modular Turret Bed x2

APC Bed Pack
- Modular APC Bed x2

These Streaker Part Packs come with assorted parts that require careful assembly. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.

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