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Streaker Recon Buggy

Regular price $7.00
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy
Streaker Recon Buggy

The Streaker Recon Buggy is an agile, lightly-armored scout vehicle that relies largely on speed to survive. Heavy inspiration came from higher-speed off-road endurance racing vehicles, granting it exceptional mobility over difficult and broken terrain. A number of variants have been created since its introduction, allowing it to keep up with technological advances.


Tactical Pack
BC1/D1 - Rocket Launcher[6]
D3 - Rocket Launcher[2], TAG
R4 - Missile Launcher[5]

Overload Pack
S1 - Rocket Launcher[4], Small Laser x2
S2 - Medium Laser x2, Small Lasers x4
D2 - Medium Laser x3, TAG

Pinpoint Pack
K1 - Light Particle Cannon
BC3 - Rocket Launcher[4], TAG
R2 - Large Laser

Guerilla Pack
R1 - Medium Laser, Sensor Suite
R3 - Flamer x3
R5 - Micro Missile Launcher [10]

Striker Pack
BC2 - Rocket Launcher[4], Medium Laser
D4 -Medium Laser x2, TAG, ECM
R6 - Rocket Pod[20] x2, Machine Gun x2

Hauler Pack
APC - 4Ton Troop Compartment
APCM - MASH suite and Paramedic Equipment
T - 4Ton Cargo Capacity Flatdeck

Also Available as STL Packs for those with their own 3D Printers!

Also Available are a number of Streaker Part Packs if you want a bit more flexibility for your Streaker(s) than offered by a single weapon set!

This is a Streaker Recon Buggy kit with 6-7 individual parts that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.

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