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Part Packs

Reckoning Part Packs

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Reckoning Part Packs
Reckoning Part Packs
Reckoning Part Packs
Reckoning Part Packs
Reckoning Part Packs

For those Technicians that truly believe that that variety is the spice of life love to keep extra parts for their Reckoning Assault Mechs these Parts Packs are exactly what they're looking for! The Part Packs currently come in several options, 1 pack of Arm Mounted weapons, 2 packs for the top Mounted Torso options, 1 pack for the bottom Mounted Torso options and 1 pack with Plain and Jump Jet equipped Backpacks. Everything is capable of being magnetized to allow for your Reckoning Mechs to easily swap weapons and other equipment quickly and easily between battles!

These Part Packs are assembled from the assorted Reckoning Assault Mech variant parts and are thus compatible with it. 

Arm Mount Set 01
Particle Cannon x2
Short-Barreled Particle Cannon x2
Rotary Cannon x2
Medium Flak Cannon x2

High Torso Plug Set 01
Rocket Launcher[4] (Left and Right)
Particle Cannon
Gauss Rifle

High Torso Plug Set 02
Plasma Cannon
Heavy Gauss Right
Enhanced Heavy Gauss Rifle
ECM Suite with Spotlight

Low Torso Plug Set 01
Plain (Left and Right)
Medium Laser x2 (Left and Right)
Micro Laser x2 (Left and Right)
Flamer (Left and Right)
Medium Laser (Left and Right)

Backpack Set 01
Jump Jets

These Reckoning Part Packs come with assorted parts that require careful assembly. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.

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