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Coming Soon

Things to Come

I've always loved sharing my work even while it's still in progress, listening to the feedback and getting new ideas is half the fun of creating things after all! In the future I want to try and be as open as possible about upcoming projects, even making use of polls and similar methods to pick stuff to work on or areas to focus on for upcoming products.

For now though, as some of you might know I've been collaborating on a large Fan TRO project for the Battletech Tabletop game, in fact it's what all of my current minis have been created for and we still keep adding on new designs for me to work on so it will form the bulk of upcoming products for some time yet but once I figure out the process for the site a bit more I do have some smaller projects I want to slip in between the bigger ones here and there and of course this is all outside of my day job to boot.

So in the coming months expect this page to change as I get the chance to experiment and work on more projects!